Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is summer over yet??

UGh I alwys get this way at this time of year. I LONG for the cool days of fall. Im seeing some fall-ish stuff in the stores off in small dark corners but there it is my small glimmer of hope.. SIGH I really cant wait

here are some recent pages

My boys working on the go kart. this was a challenge to use paint and cardboard.

AWWW my mommy and daddy. waaaay back when. this picture is one that I had not seen before. my aunt (dads sister) had it and I was able to scan it. I LOVE it. the song when im 64 has always been their song so why not do a page of it?

Ive been sooooo lazy lately. but I have managed to make some pages which is nice.. as always its never quite enough but something is far better than nothing.

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Marie said...

Wow these are great cousin! Im lovin that page of your mom and dad. Love how u used the glimmer mist! Fab!!