Sunday, January 18, 2009

IVe moved

SEE that damn happy holidays that wont go away yeah that wont go away and I decided to just make a new page lol New link here

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 WOW its already here

SO since Thanksgiving Ive been sick in one form or another. I had strep and once over that I got a sinus infection and a ear infection thena throat issue I dont think it was strep agian but it sure hurt like hell. So anyway my New years was pretty crapy. I didnt get to go out and have fun... I didnt get to do anything but sit here with my kids. Really tho I wouldnt have it any other way.

I made S'mores with the kids and did party poppers. But the boys liked it.

Here they are with daddy

I do exist!

mmmmmmmmmmmm Scott was most pleased

WOOOHOOOO Party.. thats what my Scotty said LOL

Then it was off tobed... It was 10pm HA they were none the at the actual stroke of 12 I was on the sofa
this was my view Titan my sisters dog and Bud mine all sleeping woohoo feelin fine in 2009

so I hope your holidays and new year were great

Thursday, December 4, 2008

WOW its December already!

I swear time goes so fast. I wish I could say I was doing lots of pages but Ive been sick. :( I got sick the day after Thanksgiving and hoped it would go away but it became strep throat. I was so so tired. Im happy to say Im getting better. Well enough to change my blog from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I need to really get my butt moving on my Christmas cards. Man a week of being sick sure took up alot of my time. I did get my lights up early. Which was a huge help seeing how Im usually putting them up now while Ive been sick. I love putting up the christmas lights it makes the apt look so festave. I wish we could keep em up all year.I just love the feel of Christmas. I hope Ill get some pages done sometime this month but I dont know I have loads of stuff to do; as do we all.. dont we..

Friday, November 14, 2008

man where does the time go?

My last post was on the 1st geeze Im a slacker. Well anyway I made something woot woot...
I got my Red velvet kit and its super duper yummy. I made a welcome door hanger..

head on over to my cousin Marie's Blog for a tutorial on her lovely door hanger.. It should be up pretty soon. She did an awesome tutorial on her banner its sooo cute...

anyway thats all for now poop I suck

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Whew Halloween is over.

I hope you had a LOVELY Halloween I know I did. We carved pumpkins and brought home bags of candy how could you NOT love this holiday??
spooky scarecrow I made

Im so proud of my oldest son he did this pumpkin pretty darn good if you ask me

Sweeney Todd

Mrs Lovett

Karyn cooper.. My sister did this one its freekin awesome

The house from the street. Mom and dad get so many complements. They love it

sooo tired he couldnt go on

The days leading up to Halloween are so busy for me. I havent done any scrapping. I have BOUGHT things.
I bought the YUMMY Oh Joy line By Cosmo Cricket. This stuff is so pretty. I just cant wait to dig into it... if I ever get time that is.

Also have you seen the fab Creative Imaginations Tinsel Town collection. It has that yummy vintage feel that I know so many of us love. whats more this line has been printed with soy ink so your scrap pages can go green. I didnt buy all of the pages on this collection seeing how my scrap store didnt have them all in yet. I really really love this line!!! Oh and the die cut paper is form their Mistletoe line.. man they have some fab paper lines out this year

I got three new colors of Glimmer Mist. Forest Green, Mistletoe and Wild Currant... all I can say is WOW they are fab! They are going to go with the above lines so well.

As happy as I am to move on to Holiday papers and pages I have to say I try really really hard not to skip over Thanksgiving. I LOVE that holiday! Its a time to reconnect with family and traditions.

there are not a ton of Thanksgiving papers out there. But dont let that STOP you from making some pages that reflect your family traditions.