Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh the Joy of paper!

I'm so happy I got the chance to take a class taught by the lovely Nikki Peterson.

It just so happened that Cousin called me up and asked if I could come along.... I just so happened to have the money at the time..... and paid for the class. whee-doggies!!! Did I have fun!!!!
I was a bit nervous at meeting some awesome scrap people IRL. I had the usual "OMG they are all going to hate me" feelings that Im going to

I was SO wrong EVERYONE was super fabulous! I really loved everyone and how super nice they were and how welcome they made me feel.

Here are the awesome pages I did :) I just cant say enough how awesome it was to do this class!!

I want to say thank you to my lovely cousin for taking me along and Now Im so hooked I cant wait to go agian!! EEEKK

1 comment:

Greta Adams said...

isn't nikki fab?
love her! and love what you did...
that hambly one is bangin'