Friday, May 9, 2008

I miss you all

I miss you i miss you I miss you. Yet agian I find myself with out my internet life. Its just been so hard on me, which I feel silly admitting.

My scraping time has sufferd so much, I just cant seem to churn out pages unless I have the internet and all the fun challenges that go with it. That and noone else ever cares really. My internet circle is the only ones who give a flying ratts but about my pages LOL

I have managed to buy myself some more glimmer mist which is my current LOVE! I so wish it would show up on the scan of my page.

My 4th of July page is soo glimmer-iffic its not funny! the colors I used were Saphire and Candy apple red. Yummy! I sprayed the Rusty pickle chipboard with it and was in heaven! I cant wait till my lovely cousin Marie comes over to try it out. Im sure she could do so much more than I can even thik of with it.

my sweet son Scott I love this pic of him! I remember taking it and he was not sitting like that for long! I was very happy the picture was clear too! So any way Ill pop on when I can and post what little Ive done sigh love you all and miss you

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Marie said...

Awwwwww cousin its just not fair! Torture is what it is lol! I love your pages they are so beautiful! Everything you have made is super awesome and i still havent tried the glimmer mist yet lol! I need to get busy but my desk is a super mess! Anyway love you cousin and hope for internet soon!