Thursday, December 4, 2008

WOW its December already!

I swear time goes so fast. I wish I could say I was doing lots of pages but Ive been sick. :( I got sick the day after Thanksgiving and hoped it would go away but it became strep throat. I was so so tired. Im happy to say Im getting better. Well enough to change my blog from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I need to really get my butt moving on my Christmas cards. Man a week of being sick sure took up alot of my time. I did get my lights up early. Which was a huge help seeing how Im usually putting them up now while Ive been sick. I love putting up the christmas lights it makes the apt look so festave. I wish we could keep em up all year.I just love the feel of Christmas. I hope Ill get some pages done sometime this month but I dont know I have loads of stuff to do; as do we all.. dont we..

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