Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 WOW its already here

SO since Thanksgiving Ive been sick in one form or another. I had strep and once over that I got a sinus infection and a ear infection thena throat issue I dont think it was strep agian but it sure hurt like hell. So anyway my New years was pretty crapy. I didnt get to go out and have fun... I didnt get to do anything but sit here with my kids. Really tho I wouldnt have it any other way.

I made S'mores with the kids and did party poppers. But the boys liked it.

Here they are with daddy

I do exist!

mmmmmmmmmmmm Scott was most pleased

WOOOHOOOO Party.. thats what my Scotty said LOL

Then it was off tobed... It was 10pm HA they were none the at the actual stroke of 12 I was on the sofa
this was my view Titan my sisters dog and Bud mine all sleeping woohoo feelin fine in 2009

so I hope your holidays and new year were great

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Marie said...

happy new year cousin! Im glad you are feeling a bit better!