Friday, March 28, 2008

I love paper lace

Man I bought a couple sheets of this lovely paper lace. I had my two bottles of Glimmer mist (check it out here I sprayed the Black cherry on the white paper lace and OMG fell in love with that Glimmer mist. The Graphite color of The mist is so pretty too. I sprayed a little over the top of the Black cherry and OMG its Glimmer-iffic!

If you havent tried it out you really should. It makes a lovely mess.. LOL I had it all over my hands and desk but its water based and came off easy. I now must have all sorts of colors ahh my scrap curse rears its ugly head! Its even more lovely on raw chipboard. Im working on sometihng now that has it on it; will post soon.


Marie said...

Oh my goodness cousin that is beautiful! I wish i could see it in person because i bet it is glimmeriffic lol! Awesome job!

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